vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

May 2014pic
Aly Jul 08, 2014
Spring is coming!pic

Spring is coming!

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful! It was 73 degrees and sunny.  After work, I spent the entire evening outside doing yardwork and planting! We are currently…
Aly Mar 12, 2014
Campfire lenspic

Campfire lens

This was from my winter camping trip a few weekends ago!
Aly Jan 31, 2014
Eden Parkpic

Eden Park

On Saturday one of my best friends Erin, asked me to do a small engagement photo session in the snow with her fiance Pat.  I…
Aly Jan 27, 2014
2014 :pic
Aly Jan 24, 2014
Aly Aug 27, 2013
I got new glasses!pic

I got new glasses!

And I like that they match my hair :D
Aly Jan 24, 2013
Jessica and Mattpic

Jessica and Matt

Jessica has been one of my best friends since we were 12.  She and Matt got engaged in May, and their wedding is June of…
Aly Jan 06, 2013
festival of lightspic

festival of lights

on saturday night, a few of my friends and i went to the festival of lights at the zoo.  it has over 1 million christmas…
Aly Dec 17, 2012
December 3vid

December 3

new update!
Aly Dec 03, 2012
Aly Nov 27, 2012
almost too scary to eat :pic

almost too scary to eat :)

this is a totally random description for a photo of a zombie halloween lollipop but anyway...i just bought The Neighbourhood's EP on iTunes called I'm…
Aly Sep 23, 2012


yeah i'm a dork, i know :)  i'm excited for tonight! one of my best friends jessica got engaged in may. so tonight, my other best…
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Aly Sep 10, 2012

it's a playful panda type of day

i am having the worst craving to get in my car and drive back to the san diego zoo to photograph pandas. granted, the 2,226…
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Aly Aug 01, 2012


i love lace so much. in michael's grandma's lake house, she had these lace curtains and the light was streaming in so beautifully that i…
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Aly Jul 25, 2012
the lakehousepic

the lakehouse

this past weekend michael took me to his grandma's lakehouse.  it was such a beautiful day, and i actually went swimming in lake eerie!
Aly Jul 18, 2012
my entertaining desk accessoriespic

my entertaining desk accessories

yeahhh so it's been forever. really honestly can say i feel more disconnected from buzznet than ever. i don't like itttt! sorry! life. that's my explanation…
Aly Jul 17, 2012

happy almost 4th of july!

i am so excited for the 4th of july this year! tomorrow (the 3rd) i have an outdoor photoshoot with my dad for a few…
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Aly Jul 02, 2012

enchanted evenings

the other night in my backyard, the light was so incredible that i had to get a photo!
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Aly Jun 26, 2012


i love sunsets. so much! this was taken while i was at the kalahari resort earlier in june. i watched the sun set every single…
Aly Jun 21, 2012


this was when i was at the kalahari resort two weeks ago. it was SO amazing!! i laid outside, got a tan, played in the…
Aly Jun 19, 2012


Aly Jun 01, 2012
fairy pt. 2pic

fairy pt. 2

here's a more extensively edited version of a photo from my fairy photoshoot!
Aly May 31, 2012
hello kitty sunglasses!pic

hello kitty sunglasses!

i went into a local party supplies store today to pick up some glue for fake eyelashes (photoshoot props, of course!) and ended up seeing…
Aly May 30, 2012


I went out and bought this new eye makeup called Color Tattoo by Maybelleine and it was so awesome i got a bit carried away…
Aly May 29, 2012

i caught a rainbow

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Aly May 28, 2012
panda lanternpic

panda lantern

i turned my plain hanging lantern into a panda yesterday! i cut out the shapes and glued and taped them on :D i absolutely love…
Aly May 09, 2012

choo choo

i love train tracks! this past weekend i spent a little time outdoors on a beautiful warm sunny day taking photos with my iPhone as…
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Aly May 08, 2012

neon makes me happy

i wore these to target a couple days ago and had 4 people tell me they liked my shoes. i told them for $10 i'd…
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Aly Apr 30, 2012
going through old photospic

going through old photos

i found this from when i went exploring in california at a place called wagon wheel restaurant. obviously it was abandoned, and it was off…
Aly Apr 16, 2012


i set up my tripod for easter and was taking pictures of the family, and here is one of my older sister Leigha and me!…
Aly Apr 13, 2012

lightning through the trees

two weekends ago there was a big storm and i wanted to try and catch a lightning bolt. after about 8 shots of trying, it…
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Aly Apr 12, 2012
spring means green grass!pic

spring means green grass!

i love walking through grass barefoot. though i also love buying cute little flats (like my zigzag ones here!) and wearing those in the springtime. 
Aly Apr 06, 2012
hello therepic

hello there

it was nice out for about 2 hours today (before the rain came!) so i decided to put on a dress and go take some…
Aly Apr 04, 2012
my grandpapic

my grandpa

this is one of my all time favorite photos of my grandpa.  he flew jets in korea, and his nickname was Crash even though he…
Aly Apr 04, 2012

guitar from hurricane katrina

my uncle restores, builds, and repairs guitars and this was one he got in from a client who had found it floating in water after…
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Aly Apr 02, 2012
everything's a little unclearpic

everything's a little unclear

i'm sick of taking perfectly sharp photos, so now that i have a 1.8 lens, i decided i'd try out some new techniques while shooting…
Aly Mar 29, 2012
beachy wavespic

beachy waves

i need to go to a beach! so bad!
Aly Mar 20, 2012
neon nailspic

neon nails

i'm obsessed with neon for spring/summer. especially yellowish-green!
Aly Mar 19, 2012

A&G Ohio 2012

Great Wolf Lodge Mason, OH March 9-11th, 2012  
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Aly Mar 12, 2012
my newest tattoo!pic

my newest tattoo!

love is all :) just about 1 hour old in this photo. i felt like it was time for another, and this was the perfect…
Aly Feb 27, 2012
gameboy color necklaces!pic

gameboy color necklaces!

i got bored today and decided to make some of these cute gameboy color necklaces that i saw on google a while ago. i hadn't…
Aly Feb 20, 2012


this is another shot from my photoshoot yesterday.  the model was amazing, she was jumping in the air in this series of photos, and i…
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Aly Feb 17, 2012

my rilakkuma iphone case came today!

i was so excited, my dad came into my room today and said i got a package from china!  and in it, was my adorable…
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Aly Feb 10, 2012
wherever you go, go with all your heartpic

wherever you go, go with all your heart

for those of you who are friends with me on facebook, you may have seen some posts lately about hospital visits and tests.  i decided…
Aly Jan 22, 2012


okay SO excited right about now. i made a book of my fashion photographs on monday. i sent it to Blurb ( on monday evening…
Aly Jan 20, 2012

Z is for Zodiac

I was born February 3rd (only 15 days away, yeeee!) so my birthstone is Amethyst! Although I have Amethyst jewelry I didn't have any photos…
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Aly Jan 20, 2012
snowy wolfpic

snowy wolf

it's snowing right now! so i went outside with my wolf spirithood and took some pictures. we're only supposed to get an inch of snow…
Aly Jan 12, 2012

Y is for You

For the Alphabet Assignment, letting you guys know just a little bit more about me! :)
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Aly Jan 07, 2012
The Spill Canvas - 'Hush Hush'pic

dance the night away

these are 2 more photos from my most recent self portrait photoshoot at my studio! i put on music, danced, (added a fan so my…
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Aly Jan 05, 2012
cheers to the new yearpic

cheers to the new year

this morning i found out a close family friend, jacky, passed away. she had pancreatic cancer for months, and was suffering a lot these past…
Aly Dec 30, 2011

merry christmas!

tonight we celebrated christmas with my sister, her bf, my uncle, my grandma, and mom and dad. it was a wonderful evening. my sister made…
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Aly Dec 24, 2011
cheers to the holiday seasonpic

cheers to the holiday season

i got really bored yesterday and decided to "dress up" my photo with some cute little santa hats and beards. i'm pretty sure i have…
Aly Dec 17, 2011
my secret santa giftspic
walking down santa claus lanepic

walking down santa claus lane

my friends and i were wandering around louisville, and we were trying to find out what street we were on. when i saw the sign…
Aly Dec 15, 2011
my secret santa gift came today!pic

my secret santa gift came today!

i received two wonderful presents from baylie ( and i absolutely LOVE them! she got me a red velvet cupcake beanie and a polaroid collection…
Aly Dec 13, 2011
i miss louisville alreadypic

i miss louisville already

this past weekend my 4 friends and i went on a girl's weekend to louisville! we had SUCH an amazing time. stayed in the gorgeous…
Aly Dec 12, 2011

it was so icy out this morning!

it's been getting really cold here lately, and this morning there was ice in patches of my driveway, sidewalk, and yard so i thought i…
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Aly Dec 08, 2011

15 Crazy Christmas Light Displays

nbsp; I love Christmas lights. A LOT. So I figured I'd venture out onto the web and find some of the most incredible X-mas lights displays!  None…
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Aly Dec 05, 2011
there's nothing i love more than looking at xmas lightspic

there's nothing i love more than looking at xmas lights

i can't wait to get over my stupid cold so i can drive around and look at christmas lights! and go to the zoo (where…
Aly Dec 01, 2011
i am thankful for my mom!pic
warm apple crisppic

warm apple crisp

my sister is a wonderful baker. she makes this incredible apple crisp, which is like an apple pie but even better. it's drizzled with warm…
Aly Nov 21, 2011
robot rockpic

robot rock

i'm in the studio at the moment decorating for christmas!! once it's finished i'll post a photo tour gallery :) i love the holidays!! this photo…
Aly Nov 17, 2011
although it's fall, today feels like spring!pic

although it's fall, today feels like spring!

it is SO warm outside today, it's crazy! also very very windy. there's a client coming to the studio for a shoot today so my…
Aly Nov 14, 2011
Happy Veteran's Day!pic

Happy Veteran's Day!

this is a photo of my Nannie in WWII, 1945. she's currently 92 and still going strong!
Aly Nov 11, 2011
how cute is he?!pic

how cute is he?!

i photographed 8-week-old Beck this afternoon. he slept most of the shoot, and cried a lot! but i got a couple great shots of him…
Aly Nov 10, 2011
closet door backdroppic

Patrick Stump - live from Cincinnati!

Patrick Stump 11.6.11 Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH Photos by Aly Schneider Patrick Stump opened for Panic! at the Disco
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Aly Nov 07, 2011

Panic at the Disco - live from Cincinnati!

Panic at the Disco 11.6.11 Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH Photos by Aly Schneider Patrick Stump opened the show - Gallery HERE
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Aly Nov 07, 2011
Mulberry lipspic

photobooth fun over the years!

i realized i have taken SO many photobooth pictures, and that it would be fun to collect a bunch in this gallery! the oldest one…
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Aly Nov 02, 2011

Mid-Ohio Comic Con

Mid-Ohio Comic Con Columbus Convention Center Columbus, Ohio October 22-23rd, 2011
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Aly Oct 23, 2011

fainting spells

i'm sitting here at the studio editing photos and listen to AFI :) this was from sunday, i did a senior portrait shoot for my…
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Aly Oct 21, 2011
my grandparentspic

my grandparents

these are my dad's parents, bill and marilyn. they were on their honeymoon in this photo. i've always loved how retro this looked, from the…
Aly Oct 13, 2011
my grandpa on my mother's sidepic

my grandpa on my mother's side

this is a portrait of my grandpa, robert v. moschell. sadly, my parent's dog taz decided to eat part of the photo. luckily, with the…
Aly Oct 11, 2011

Buzznet T-shirt!

i got my amazing buzznet t-shirt in the mail a few days ago and decided to have a mini photoshoot wearing it!  hope you like…
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Aly Oct 10, 2011
hard to believe this was 3 years agopic

hard to believe this was 3 years ago

wow i haven't changed much!! haha this was disneyland in october of 2008. i thought it was such a festive fall scene that i'd post…
Aly Oct 10, 2011


so this morning we had a shoot for a huge client, and it included 4 talent, 2 men and 2 women. since this is a…
Aly Oct 07, 2011
happy 92nd birthday to my grandma!pic

happy 92nd birthday to my grandma!

this is my nannie dorothy. today is her 92nd birthday :) she lives with my parents, and i help take care of her during the…
Aly Oct 04, 2011

downtown fog

i love fog. too bad i never have my actual camera when it's foggy out!! but my phone still works, and yes..i know i take…
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Aly Oct 03, 2011


this just reminds me of a scene out of a zombie invasion movie or something haha it was super foggy this morning driving downtown so…
Aly Sep 22, 2011
alphabet assignment - n is for nompic

alphabet assignment - n is for nom

asian spicy shrimp lightly fried & tossed with sweet chili sauce, served with relish salad and garnished with red corn tortillas. TASTY!!!!
Aly Sep 21, 2011
photographing puddles after a rainstorm in 2009pic

photographing puddles after a rainstorm in 2009

i was wearing my mom's rain boots haha they are so awesome :)
Aly Sep 20, 2011
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