vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

May 2014pic
Aly Jul 08, 2014
Spring is coming!pic

Spring is coming!

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful! It was 73 degrees and sunny.  After work, I spent the entire evening outside doing yardwork and planting! We are currently…
Aly Mar 12, 2014

I made new jewelry!

It has been quite the week for me.  We just found out our biggest client at the studio is pulling out, so we are on…
Aly Mar 04, 2014

My Etsy site is now up and running!

Westwind Jewelry officially has an Etsy page now!  Please share with friends and family! I will be so excited if someone actually wants to buy…
Aly Feb 13, 2014

Westwind Jewelry

My mom and I have been making beaded necklaces together for years.  I wear them a lot, and people have been commenting and asking where…
Aly Feb 04, 2014
Campfire lenspic

Campfire lens

This was from my winter camping trip a few weekends ago!
Aly Jan 31, 2014

2013: My year in review

2013 was quite a year for me.  There were a lot of big decisions, big changes, big ups and downs.  I just wanted to post…
Aly Jan 27, 2014
Eden Parkpic

Eden Park

On Saturday one of my best friends Erin, asked me to do a small engagement photo session in the snow with her fiance Pat.  I…
Aly Jan 27, 2014

Okay I can't stay away

This is the only website that I can keep leaving and coming back to!  I just will always have a special place in my heart…
Aly Jan 24, 2014
2014 :pic
Aly Jan 24, 2014
Aly Aug 27, 2013

Such a hard day

Today I have to put my kitty Demon to sleep.  He stopped eating a few weeks ago and lost a lot of weight. He just…
Aly Aug 26, 2013

Sorry to say I'm leaving!

I'm sure you've figured out by now (to those of you who still will be able to get this post!) that I am no longer…
Aly Jul 23, 2013
I got new glasses!pic

I got new glasses!

And I like that they match my hair :D
Aly Jan 24, 2013
Jessica and Mattpic

Jessica and Matt

Jessica has been one of my best friends since we were 12.  She and Matt got engaged in May, and their wedding is June of…
Aly Jan 06, 2013
festival of lightspic

festival of lights

on saturday night, a few of my friends and i went to the festival of lights at the zoo.  it has over 1 million christmas…
Aly Dec 17, 2012
December 3vid

December 3

new update!
Aly Dec 03, 2012
Aly Nov 27, 2012

wow been gone so long!

where to begin. buzznet has only been 1 click away, yet i still somehow don't find the time to get on here and reconnect with everyone…
Aly Nov 27, 2012
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About Me:

i absolutely adore photography. i'm so lucky to be able to do what i love for a living :) i photograph everything, but one day i hope to be a fashion photographer.


anything disney, being a nerd, candy, dinosaurs., fashion, hello kitty, high fives, lemon water, music, my nikon D700, photography, tattoos

Favorite Music:

AFI, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, blaqk audio, butch walker and the black widows, fun., gotye, kimbra, mayday parade, paramore, patrick stump, the naked and famous, the ready set, the spill canvas

Favorite Movies:

across the universe, mulan, nightmare before christmas, ratatouille, the boondock saints, true romance

Favorite TV Shows:

americas next top model, ancient aliens, cake boss, paranormal state, supernatural, x files

Favorite Books:

i have a very short attention span so reading is difficult.
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